Wright-Patt Fisher House Wish List

» Priority Need: Keurig K cups (caffeinated and decaffeinated)
» Priority Need: Paper towels
» Priority Need: Cases of water
» Tea and hot chocolate K cups (or individually packaged)
» Pens and pencils
» Free and clear detergent – small to medium sizes (Please note: High Efficiency)
» Other laundry detergents – small to medium sizes (Please note: High Efficiency)
» Individually wrapped snack items
» Individually wrapped breakfast items
» Sandwich size plastic bags
» Gallon size plastic bags
» Small trash bags
» Kitchen size trash bags
» Small finger nail kits (need limited amount)

At his time, due to Public Health restrictions, we are restricted from receiving food items.

Please call the Fisher House office at 937-257-0855 to schedule your drop-off.

All items should be delivered to Fisher House II, 417 Schlatter Drive, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433.
Office Hours are Monday thru Friday from 08:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

» NOTE: If a group is interested in making no-sew blankets we are out of adult women and men. We have a lot of children’s blankets.

Dayton VA Fisher House Wish List

» Gift cards for guest ($10-$50 increments) – Visa, Walmart, Kroger, Target, Amazon
» Gas gift cards $20-$50
» Patriotic theme quilts, fleece blankets (throw size)
» Puzzles, playing cards, Sudoku books, crossword puzzles, etc.
» Granola bars, grab-n-go snacks (single pack cookies, crackers, etc.)
» Tissue boxes, travel tissue (single packets)
» Napkins
» Hand sanitizer (small personal bottles and large bottles for house)
» Dishwasher soap (pods only)
» Dishwasher rinse (spot free Cascade)
» Dryer sheets
» Kitchen scrub sponges
» Laundry soap pods
» Shout/OxiClean (stain remover)
» Ground coffee (Starbucks, Peets, local, unique – no Folgers/Maxwell House)
» Coffee creamer – plain and flavored (single serve non-refrigerated)
» Packets of sugar, Sweet-n-low, Stevia (or the similar)
» Coffee to-go cups (12 oz size)
» Cases of individual bottled water
» Cans of soda (name brand)
» DVD or Blu-Ray (kids, family friendly, no rated-R)
» Saran wrap, foil, parchment paper, baggies (sandwich, quart and gallon (freezer and storage))
» Kitchen pantry items needed (spices, sugar, flour, cereals, syrup, pancake mix, Oatmeal, pasta, etc.)

* No items can be past their expiration date.

Use Our Amazon Wishlist to Expedite Your Donation
Use our Amazon Wishlist and you can just shop and your donation will ship directly to Dayton VAMC Fisher House! Updated frequently to reflect need, items on Wishlist can just be purchased, no need to verify if an item is still needed. Thanks!

» Shop Using the Dayton VA Fisher House Amazon Wishlist

If you plan on dropping off donations, please contact DVAMC Fisher House prior to purchasing to determine exact need and items as we stock the house! Please also call the Fisher House prior to any deliveries to the (accepted during staff hours).

Group Donations: Fisher House tries to maximize space for the guests and has minimal storage; please call in advance before purchasing/organizing a group donation.

Make or direct deliveries to:
DVAMC-Fisher House
4100 W. Third Street, Bldg 425
Dayton, OH 45428

Point of contact: House Manager Betsey Striebel, 937-268-6511 ext. 2887, Betsey.Striebel@va.gov