Guest House Comments

To all who work to make the Fisher House possible – Thanks so much for such a nice room and the beautiful surroundings.  We enjoyed our stay so very much.  It was so peaceful and relaxing.  Also thanks so much for the unexpected anniversary gift – what a surprise!  We shall use it when my husband heals.  May God continue to bless your efforts in taking care of the Fisher Houses!
Dayton VA Medical Center (DVAMC) Fisher House guest

I drove up from Georgia with my partner to see my father who was in the Lakeside Manor Hospice. Once all three of the children were there, we spent the day reminiscing of family memories with my father.  When he passed that night, he passed peacefully with all his kids by his side.  It was comforting to know that we had a beautiful place to stay during this time.  Thank you, Fisher House, for allowing us to stay here.  This place is such a blessing for Veteran’s families.  I will NOT forget your hospitality.
DVAMC Fisher House guest

This is my third or fourth stay here at Fisher Houses and I have always been treated with kindness and dignity.  I would like to thank the Fisher House family and staff for providing a safe comfortable place to rest my head while worrying about my husband while he is in the VA hospital. It is nice not to have to worry about how I am going to find the money to stay at a hotel.  The Fisher House employees are always amazing.  They do a great job of making sure families want for nothing during their stay.  They always ask how my husband is doing and show genuine interest in our journey at the VA no matter the reason for our stay.  Thank you for always being here.
DVAMC Fisher House guest

Thank you all so much for this wonderful place.  Your generosity, kindness and welcoming spirit overwhelmed my husband and me.  My husband came down to get his hip checked only to be rushed to the ER for heart issues.  I drove home that night and packed a bag for the next day.  I would sleep on a cot if necessary because any amount of time in transit was time away from where I needed to be.  I arrived at the hospital to learn about Fisher House; what a blessing you are.  I was met with such kindness and a sincere wish to help me.  Fisher House is the most amazing place. Your needs are met with a loving kindness here.
DVAMC Fisher House guest

What a wonderful experience I’ve had at the Fisher house during my husband’s surgery.  The people are gracious and caring.  The surroundings are so relaxing and accommodating.  The staff goes above and beyond to be helpful.  They are truly concerned for their guest’s well-being.  Being able to stay close by while my husband recuperated was such a blessing.  I pray God will use this warm and welcoming facility to make a difference in the lives of those who stay here.  God bless the Fisher family and all those involved for your caring and generosity.
DVAMC Fisher House guest

 I have been here almost a month.  Dad passed away while I was here.  Fisher House is not a hotel or bed-and-breakfast, it is a haven for families.  The staff is blessed with tenderness, understanding, humor and compassion.  It is an understatement to say I will not forget the staff and the kindness we’ve received. It will remain a part of my memory of my Dad’s last days.  Our family was able to stay by his side, support him and one another, bond and reconnect (and even disagree at times) but we were TOGETHER.  Thank you so much for your kind care and love.  You are wonderful people.   To say I love you isn’t enough…I will cherish each of you all of my days.  On behalf of my family, God bless you!
DVAMC Fisher House guest

 We came to the VA on a Monday in October for a urology appointment.  They sent us to the ER who said my husband had sepsis and was put in the ICU.  We had a few days there before he went into Hospice.  That Saturday my beloved went home to heaven.  Our children who live in Florida and our daughter were all here to say goodbye to their Dad until we meet again in heaven.  The Fisher House and beautiful staff have been such a huge blessing!  There are not adequate words to convey how thoughtful, sensitive, generous and kind the staff have been!  Instead of multiplying and adding to our sorrow they have lifted the weight from my shoulders.  They are a gracious gift from God!  Thank you, dear ones, for anticipating my needs and providing with such abundance and love.  We thank you for putting such sweetness into a sad and difficult time! God bless each of you!! With love and thanksgiving.
DVAMC Fisher House guest

This is our second stay at this Fisher House!  One year and one day ago, my husband had one total knee replacement and now had his second knee replaced today!  We live around 2.5 hours away and this house has been amazing!  All the staff are so friendly and feel like old friends – so accommodating in every way!  We can’t thank you all enough for your kindness!  And the rooms!!  Feel every bit as comforting as Home!! Thank you all!!
DVAMC Fisher House guest

This was not what we expected…What we expected was two army cots and a roll of toilet paper, certainly not the elegant beauty that surprised us when we entered in. We also did not expect the sincere, friendly, and kind staff. We feel that we have made friends. Thank you, Fisher family for caring. Thank you, Fisher House staff for making us feel cared about.
DVAMC Fisher House guest

When I first heard of Fisher House, I thought just another place to stay and we’ll have to go get food to eat.  Well, I was surprised by the lady that met us out back with the parking pass.  The Fisher House really surprised me with the things that people donate to them.  The lady we had was very friendly and showed us around the whole house bottom floor.  She told us to help ourselves to anything in the fridge and freezer to eat.  I am a woman Army Corp. retiree 69-71.  I use the VA hospital for a lot of things.  This time it was for eye surgery, but I will ask to stay here more often when I have early appointments the next day.  I thank the Fisher’s that got behind each other and got Fisher Houses built and stocked with everything you need.  We will use the Fisher House again in the future!
DVAMC Fisher House guest

Thank you all very much for allowing us to stay at the lovely Fisher House.  The hospitality was wonderful.  The House was so clean and accommodating and so close to the Medical Center.  We truly appreciate everything!
Larry and Jeanie S.

Thank you so much for the beautiful blessing. Your kindness and thoughtfulness will forever be remembered and appreciated.  I was able to bring my 84 year old mother to visit her 81 year old brother.  This was the first visit in several years.  Thank you for making the journey stress free and allowing us to just focus on our brother and uncle.
DVAMC Fisher House guest

This place has been a great blessing for my husband and I both. I usually sleep in whatever is available in the hospital room while my husband is here, but this time he was in ICU for several days over the weekend when everything is closed around here.  I was able to come here and my husband did not have to worry about me.  So a double blessing.  Thank you.
DVAMC Fisher House guest

Thank you to Zach and Elizabeth Fisher for this perfect respite.  Our stay was made comfortable during the passing of my 95 year old WWII Veteran father who passed yesterday at the VA Hospice center.  The VA and Fisher House provided comfort for our family.
DVAMC Fisher House guest

This place is so truly great for people who are coming a long way.  We are so grateful to know there is still so much kindness left in the world.  The people here are so precious to so many; you all make a difference for so many people’s lives.  This really makes my husband feel so much better knowing his wife is getting rest.  Thank you and to the Fishers who made this all possible.  Not enough can be said.
DVAMC Fisher House guest

We live in Orrville, Ohio and when we arrived the evening before his surgery…we were in shock and very appreciative of the opportunity to stay here.  This place is beautiful inside and out.  Everything you need is right here.  All we can say is that we are grateful for this beautiful home, and yes it is a home-away-from-home.  My husband was able to rest and be calm prior to surgery.  We just want to say thank you.
DVAMC Fisher House guest

 Dedicated hearts like yours are not easy to find.  It takes a special person to be so generous and kind.  To care so much for service members and their families is a quality all too rare.  Yet you give of your time, for all in need to share.  Thank you.
– Wright-Patt AFB Fisher House guest

Hello. I have been staying here for about ten days. Both my parents are losing their lives to cancer. One on base here and mom in Kettering Hospital. It started about 23-1/2 months ago. Fisher House is the place I go for security and comfort. I sleep good here, and I feel safe to cry here. I get close to the Lord here. Fisher House makes my life easier in taking care of my needs so I can be there for my folks. Without this help I don’t think I could be with my parents. Please pass this blessing along as I have received so much for my family and I hope that maybe we will have support for the Fisher Houses so others can be helped too.
– Deborah H.

Hello. We are here for IUF with Dr. Broomfield. We have been here for 14 days and have enjoyed every minute of our time here. We have really enjoyed the hospitality of the whole staff. Our lives have been so stressed from everything we are going through, but the Fisher House is a wonderful place that has made us feel secure and welcome. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
– Tommy and Arlene J.

What a blessing the Fisher House is! When stress and anxiety descend on me, it is such a comfort to be greeted here by friendly, caring people. The Fisher’s saw a great need and filled it so that difficult times might be made as pleasant as possible. Our hearts are grateful to them for this living monument to their thoughtfulness and gracious generosity.
– Harriett S.

I just wanted to drop you a line and say how much I’ve appreciated all your care and support to my parents over this past year and many preceding years. It’s been a difficult time dealing with both their illnesses in 2014, and Fisher House has been such a great option for their stays during their treatments and hospitalizations. You have all made Fisher Houses at Wright-Patt a warm and welcoming home, so much more than just a place to spend the night? Your genuine concern and thoughtfulness make it the next best thing to being home with family.
– Lindsay D.

Dear Friends. April 14th–Day One: We were greeted warmly by everyone here; it was a very touching and heart warming experience for me. May 20th: One week to go and I’ll be leaving “home” to go home. I will most definitely be missing these warm-hearted friends; they are without a doubt special people! I want to again thank all the staff and volunteers who work here for the home-away-from-home.
Your Friend Always.
– Ray W.

Hi, I’m just here for the night, but I wanted to say Fisher House is a wonderful home-away-from-home. I was here quite a while ago (in 1993) when my husband had surgery for cancer. He did real well for 4 ½ years, then cancer reared its ugly head again. He had chemo treatments that helped for a while, but the Lord took him home in February of 1998. I remember a lot of people I met and think of them often. To me, we’re a big family – staff, volunteers and all who stay here. I’m so thankful for the Fishers who saw a need and met it.
Forever grateful.
– Jackie P.

This is indeed a little “bit of heaven” here at the Fisher House! We loved staying here in such a welcoming and comfortable “bed and breakfast”! Julie and the volunteers here know just how to make us feel at home with their warm and friendly manner. Breakfast in the kitchen was fun and we enjoyed getting to know the other guests here at Fisher House. We are grateful to be here while our son receives diagnosis and care at the Medical Center. Thank you for everything!
– Dick and Meg P.

Hi Folks: We have been retired from the U. S. Army for 25 years and I haven’t lived near a base since we moved back home to wild, wonderful West Virginia. It has been our pleasure to meet all of the great people who run the Fisher House. Julie, Ida and all of the volunteers have treated us great. We have also met some wonderful guests and patients here and wish everyone the best of luck and happiness. Thanks to the Fishers, we have enjoyed our visit to Ohio and will always remember our second home….for seven weeks!!
– Jack and Mary F.

I have flown here from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, to have spinal surgery. I will only stay here at the Fisher House for two nights, but I can tell this is a wonderful sanctuary for the mind and soul. This great place really reduces the anxiety of everything. I will stay in the hospital for three days before my return to Kentucky. Soldiers do not seem to be appreciated most places they travel. Coming here to this place makes 19½ years in the Army feel worth it.
Thank you and God Bless.
– Michael R.

Hi. My husband and I have enjoyed our stay here at Fisher House. Thank goodness there are such places and people during a hard time! God has blessed us through Robert having cancer. More good than bad are the things we have received.
God Bless You and Keep You!
– Robert and Brandi H.

It’s hard to put in to words what being here has meant to us. It’s our Fisher “Home” not “The Fisher House.” All of you and many of the other guests have become like family. We have been able to share our experiences (good and bad) with you all and know that we are not alone. Everything was so new and scary for us at first, but right away we felt at home here. As much as we may have thought we wanted to be at home in Wisconsin, I know now this is where we were supposed to have been. It means so much to us to have had your support and friendship during our stay; it has made a huge difference. I don’t want to think about what it would have been like if the Fisher House (all of you included) was not here for us – and so many others. Sometimes we forget about the reasons we are here and are just going on living our lives and sometimes the reasons are so in our face it’s hard to breathe…hard to see anything else. It’s then that we’d see your smiles or you would share a story or a place to visit that you’d think we would be interested in and things would seem “normal” again. That is what it is all about; finding “normal” in the midst of all this craziness.
Thank you with all of our hearts.
–Dan and Mary J.