4-Star ChairtyMost likely you know someone who has had to travel away from his or her home for some sort of medical treatment. This can be traumatic enough, not to mention compounding the situation with finding a place to stay, the potentially high costs for that place as well as food, added to the loneliness of a hotel room. Whether for a few days, a month or a year, this type of situation can wear on a family, both physically and emotionally.

For our servicemen and women and their families, that’s where the Wright-Patterson Fisher-Nightingale Houses and the new Fisher House at the Dayton VA Medical Center step up to the challenge. Won’t you consider reaching out a caring hand to help a military family today?

For a donation form you can download click here.

» A donation of $38 will help one family spend one night in the Houses.
» A donation of $114 will help three families spend one night in the Houses.
» A donation of $1,000 will help 26 families spend one night in the Houses.

Figures are based on the calendar year 2023 budget of expenses that will be allotted to support the guests at the Wright-Patterson AFB and Dayton VA Medical Center Fisher Houses.

Donations are also accepted in person or by phone.

Contact Executive Director Kimberly Luse for more information:
Mail: Post Office Box 33871, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433
Cell phone: 513-544-9408

Alternative methods of supporting Fisher-Nightingale Houses, Inc. are also available:

» The house managers have compiled a list of needed household items found here.

» Our volunteers help at various fundraising events throughout the year. Volunteers are greatly appreciated and a key part of the success of every fundraiser. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Executive Director Kimberly Luse.

» Military-themed commemorative coins are also available. You can view and order the coins or download a brochure here.