More Ways to Donate

In addition to the direct donation options shown on our Donate page, there are a number of other financial vehicles that allow you to provide your support to the Fisher Houses while also reducing tax liabilities. To discuss any of these options, please email Kimberly Luse, or call him at 513-544-9408.

Qualified Charitable Distributions

When you make a distribution from an IRA directly to the Fisher/Nightingale Houses, Inc., it counts toward your required minimum distribution for the year and avoids the 50% excise tax penalty. You’ll also avoid paying income tax on the distributions.

Beneficiary Designation

If you make Fisher/Nightingale Houses, Inc. a beneficiary of your retirement account (401(k), IRA, 403(b)), it can be an easy way to make a legacy gift without modifying an estate plan. These are advantageous types of assets to leave to charity because they can be taxed heavily when left to heirs.

Life Insurance

Name Fisher/Nightingale Houses, Inc. as a beneficiary of your new or existing life insurance policy. You will receive an immediate tax deduction of the approximate cash surrender value of the policy. All premium payments made thereafter are deductible as a charitable contribution.

Gifts of Stock

Stocks, bonds, or any other securities can be transferred as gifts. If the stock has appreciated in value, the holder can avoid paying the capital gains tax by giving it as a gift.

Sale of a Business

Charitable contributions can be used to reduce income tax burden from the sales of business and leave a legacy of goodwill in your community. There are multiple options for donors who are selling their business but the key is to plan their charitable gifts ahead of the sale.

Gifts That Provide Income

You can get an immediate income tax deduction, a guaranteed payment you can count on for life for you or a loved one, and leave a legacy that will support kids in your community forever.