Donor Program

Fisher-Nightingale Houses, Inc. established a donor program in January 2002. Membership is open to all individuals, corporations, proprietorships, partnerships and organizations interested in promoting the objectives and purposes of Fisher-Nightingale Houses, Inc.

There are three donor levels. Each level is defined by the annual donation made, whether financial or volunteer time. To the extent an individual or organization makes both a financial and a time donation, the level of membership will be the highest level for which qualification requirements are met. The levels and requirements are:


» 25 hours of service to the Houses
» A financial contribution of $50 to $250
» A donation-in-kind valued at $50 to $250


» 50 hours of service to the Houses
» a financial contribution of $251 to $500
» a donation-in-kind valued at $251 to $500


» 100 hours of service to the Houses
» a financial contribution of $501 or more
» a donation-in-kind valued at $501 or more

Donations are effective the first day of the month following receipt of the donation or volunteer time.

All donors are welcome to attend Board meetings as observers.

The first 1,000 members at the Friend and Patron level are considered to be Charter Members. Charter members stay on the permanent roles but must renew their membership annually in order to retain their membership benefits. As of December 31, 2011 there were 1,000 Charter members. See the Charter members here.

How to Join

To become a member of Fisher-Nightingale Houses, Inc., contact Executive Director, Kimberly Luse, at 513-544-9408 (cellular) or by e-mail here.

Donor Program Status

From 171 donors at the end of 2002, with their donations valued at $38,604, our program has grown to 579 donors by the end of 2022, with a cumulative value of their contributions of $9,730,199.75!  We hope you’ll consider supporting our organization as well.


Active Supporters

  • 274 as of 31 Dec, 2022

Active Friends

  • 64 as of 31 Dec, 2022

Active Patrons

  • 241 as of 31 Dec, 2022

Cumulative Value

  • $9,730,199.75