The Broxson Award


The Broxson Award, named after Dr. Emmet Broxson, Director of the Pediatrics Specialty Clinic, Wright-Patterson AFB Medical Center from 1988 to 1996, was established by the founder of the original Nightingale House, Capt. Gretchen Lizza.  The award recognizes an individual on the Wright-Patterson Medical Center staff who most significantly touched the lives of families residing at the Wright-Patt Fisher Houses with compassion and support.

The Broxson Award, which celebrates the humility and strength of Dr. Broxson, is the most prestigious recognition given in honor of the families we serve and is meant to distinguish that medical servant who, like Dr. Broxson, epitomizes virtue and strength and exhibits dedication to their practice and compassion for others.

Dr. Broxson’s dedication and gentle ways endeared him to the families whose children he treated during his service in the U. S. Air Force. Diagnosis and care of children who battle catastrophic diseases – diseases without cure – is by far the most difficult area of medicine. Physicians and their staff who attend to these children tirelessly search for answers.  Dr. Broxson distinguished himself through his consummate love of children and daily demonstration of a faith in wisdom that transcends understanding. This is why the award is named for Dr. Broxson.