Volunteering for the Fisher Houses

One of the major keys to the success of the Wright-Patterson Fisher Houses is its volunteer program. The one full-time manager and part-time manager could not possibly conduct the day-to-day operations of the Houses while supporting the guests in the way that they need.

That’s where the Fisher Houses volunteers provide an invaluable service! They drive the House guests to the Base Exchange, the Commissary or the Medical Center, assist them in getting settled into their rooms, talk with them and console them. No matter what the guests need, the volunteers are there to support them in every way possible.

In 2016, the Fisher Houses volunteers provided 579.5 hours of service to the House guests. In addition, popcorn volunteers provided 1,256.5 and group volunteers provided another 1,449 hours. Utilizing the Independent Sector latest estimated value of volunteer time of $23.56 an hour, that’s a $77,395 savings!

2016 Volunteers

  • Lori Bellan
  • Kim Cecil
  • Suzanne Crooks
  • Stephanie Delgado
  • Marilyn Ertle
  • Barbara Farlow
  • Patty Johnson
  • Pete Johnson
  • Larry Kinsler
  • Jerry Miko
  • Susan Nunez
  • Cathy Paschall
  • Mary Lou Petersen
  • Loeta Raper
  • Dede Richardson

2016 Volunteers of the Quarter

  • January thru March
  • Suzanne Crooks
  • April thru June
  • Cathy Paschall
  • Excelitas Technologies
  • July thru September
  • Dede Richardson
  • October thru December
  • Lori Bellan

2016 Volunteer of the Year and Air Force Fisher House Volunteer of the Year

  • Dede Richardson